Bikini Girls Throwing Grenades Lead To Trouble For 'Hot Shots' Cops

Big guns, grenades, and bikinis are causing a problem for police in Utah.

Beautiful models in skimpy military-inspired outfits shooting guns, riding in tanks, and even throwing grenades!

More than a million people have gone to YouTube to view the promo for a calendar called "Hot Shots 2015." But, now two people involved in the Utah shoot are in some trouble.

Two police officers, Sergeant Rob Wilkinson and Agent Justin Hansen, who acted as technical advisers, were suspended. They were on-hand to supervise the scantily-clad women shooting some pretty powerful guns.

The men were found to have violated the law enforcement "Code of Ethics" and brought "discredit" to the agency. They also violated department policy for wearing their uniform during the "promotion of a product."