Delta Passengers Trapped in Hot Plane for Hours

INSIDE EDITION talks to a Delta airlines passenger who says he was stuck on the tarmac in a crowded plane with no air conditioning for hours.  

A sweltering passenger filmed himself as the temperature inside his grounded plane soared past 100 degrees.

Tony Morales says there was no air conditioning and no water.  Overheated passengers on the packed Delta flight were stuck on the tarmac in Phoenix for three miserable hours.

"That's all the sweat, just from my forehead...They won't open the door, and people are standing sweating, dying even the flight attendants are complaining."

Morales showed us how he grabbed his cell phone and recorded this video diary.  He then posted the whole thing on YouTube calling it "Flight from Hell."

"I was just miserable and I wanted to share that," Morales told INSIDE EDITION.

"You should never be sweating this much on an airplane and we can't have water because apparently they can't move the water carts or whatever until we're back at the gate and the doors open so we sit here and suffer," Morales said in the video.

He says passengers were told the air conditioning couldn't be turned on because there was a problem with the engine.  Passengers weren't allowed to leave the plane as mechanics tried to fix it.  

"I was a marine and I was in Desert Storm and I also was in Somalia and I can not remember being hotter there than I was on that plane."  

Finally, a flight attendant took matters into her own hands and passed out bottles of water.  After hours the engine couldn't be fixed and everyone was finally allowed off the plane.  

"All I wanted was an apology... But all I got was a form letter."

For this sweaty passenger, it was a flight from hell to remember.

Delta Airlines told INSIDE EDITION, "There was an issue.  It's hot in Phoenix.  We've reached out to this customer to offer our apologies."