Marijuana Bales Thrown at Police During High Speed Chase

See the shocking dash cam video!

Bales of marijuana were tossed out of the window of a Trailblazer during a high-speed police chase in Mesa, Arizona.

In the dash cam video captured by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, there appeared to be 17 bales thrown out the truck’s window during the pursuit.

The chase continued at speeds of up to 100 mph. The deputies set up spike stripes which quickly deflated both of the front tires causing the car to eventually slow stop, where the two men were apprehended.

Cops say that the suspected smugglers were caught and booked on multiple drug charges and unlawful flight.

According to the Sheriff’s office about 374 pounds of marijuana were recovered, but not all of it could be found because a few vehicles stopped and grabbed the discarded bales.