Oklahoma Frat's 'House Mom' Caught Using Racist Language On Video As Fallout Intensifies

Shocking video shows 79-year-old SAE housemother using racist language.

Another shocking video from the University of Oklahoma’s fraternity that has come under fire.

In the video, the fraternity's own house mom, a "sweet" old lady, Beauton Gilbow, can be seen repeatedly using the “N” word in a video shot in 2013 and posted on Vine.

Just hours before the disturbing video came to light, Mrs. Gilbow denounced the frat boys who sang the "N" word in that controversial video that is shocking the nation.

She said, “I heard the words. Unbelievable. This is not SAE.”

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat house has been ordered shut down by midnight tonight and
students were seen packing their belongings into cars and U-Haul trucks. Even the Greek letters have been torn down.

Mrs. Gilbow is 79, and has reportedly been house mom for 14 years.

She said in an interview, “This has been my family. I can't imagine tomorrow.”

She was asked, “Not waking up here?”

“I am very disappointed. Very ashamed. Embarrassed,” she replied.

Her son said his mom, she was just singing along to a rap song.

Meanwhile, other former frat brothers are speaking out, including William James, who is believed to be the last black member of the SAE chapter.  

He told CNN, "I walked those halls. I lived in those rooms. My picture hangs on the wall. I held offices in that house. They were talking about me."

The shocking video was shot as frat boys in tuxedos and their dates in formal gowns headed to party to celebrate the 159th anniversary of the fraternity's founding.  

The Tri-Delta sorority is also under investigation because a pretty co-ed was seen clapping in the video is believed to be a sorority member.

William James told CNN, "The guys in that video are not my brothers."