Oklahoma State Student Suffers Online Attacks Because He Has The Same Name As Frat Boy In Racist Video

This student wants the world to know it wasn't him in the racist Oklahoma fraternity video.

We now know the identity of the ringleader of that racist frat house chant. According to reports, he's a freshman at the University of Oklahoma and graduated from an elite Jesuit Catholic high school in Dallas.

His full name is being put all over social media, but INSIDE EDITION is only using his first name, Parker.

A spokesperson from his high school said in a statement, "We know for sure it is one of our students and it is Parker. I am appalled by the actions in the video.”

His father is a wealthy real estate executive.

Meanwhile, another Oklahoma student is fighting to clear his name today. He's being mistaken for Parker! He shares the same first and last name but goes to a different school.

The frat boys on the bus were from the University of Oklahoma, while the other Parker is a student at Oklahoma State University which is 85 miles away.

The innocent Parker is being bombarded with ugly tweets like: “You're a poor excuse for a human being.”

Another person posted: “Have fun getting a job... Anywhere, EVER.”

Now, he wants everyone to know that it wasn't him. “I'm not the Parker who allegedly was in the racist video,” he wrote on Facebook. “I would appreciate it if people would stop posting slanderous and hateful messages on my pages.”

Eric Schiffer is a social media expert. He told INSIDE EDITION, "In these types of situations where you can have such violent eruptions in a digital form, it can ruin lives. So, it is important to get the facts right. It is important to make sure you are attacking the right person or else you can devastate a life that didn't deserve it."