Jersey Shore Drama Never Stops!

The hit TV show Jersey Shore is making waves again as one cast member is replaced and New Jersey's own governor denounces the show.  INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is continuing his campaign against TV's hit reality show Jersey Shore.

He told the Today Show's Matt Lauer, the wild cast is giving his state a bad name.

"Some people are saying they are good for the economy in the towns along the Jersey Shore, that they've increased tourism.  You're a guy who needs money in your state!" Lauer said.

"Yeah, listen, we'll find other ways to increase tourism, we'll take Snooki and The Situation and you can have em back. I'll do something else you know, I mean seriously Matt," Christie joked.

The premier of season two airs Thursday night on MTV.  And check out the new Snooki. Her name is Deena Nicole Cortese, and she's the newest addition to the cast, but you won't be seeing her until season three.

She's one of Snooki's best friends, and she's a dead ringer for Snooki. And sorry Governor Christie, she actually is from New Jersey.

Her Myspace page is littered with foul language and provocative photos in which she's scantily clad, kissing other girls, clutching liquor bottles and boasts of being "addictive and expensive like cocaine!"