Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal Is Fodder For Late Night Comics

Is Hillary's story not adding up?

There is no mercy for Hillary Clinton as the late night comics are going after the former Secretary of State after she fessed up to using a personal email account while in office.  

Letterman joked, "Finally, a Clinton scandal the entire family can enjoy!"

Hillary is being pounded for admitting she deleted more than 30,000 emails that she said were "Private and personal."

"Emails about planning Cheslea's wedding or my mother's funeral arrangments. Yoga routines, family vacations," Clinton explained.

"Deleter Of The Free World" blares the New York Post.

Clinton said, "I thought it would be easier to carry just one device."

Jon Stewart said on his show, "I mean, that's a super hassle to have two phones! She is surrounded by a team of people at all times. She couldn't be like, hey man, could you hold this other phone for me?"

Letterman continued, saying, "Top ten surprises at Hilary Clinton press conference: The number one surprise at Hillary Clinton press conference, at conclusion of press conference, asked everyone to delete her remarks!"