95-Year-Old Breaks World Running Record

"Retirement is not the end, it can be the new beginning."

Charles Eugster is proving age is just a number.

The 95-year-old retired dentist-turned-runner and physical fitness guru just set a new world record for the 200-meter indoor race within his age group.

The Brit ran the indoor 200-meter in 53.44 seconds, 2.4 seconds faster than the previous record set by Orville Rogers from Dallas, Texas, in 2013.

One would think that he has been running throughout his life. He didn't take up running until he was 87 and became hooked on exercising.

Speaking at a TEDX Talk in 2012, Eugster encouraged the audience about the importance of staying fit after retirement.

“Retirement is not the end. It can be the new beginning, a chance to build a new body, develop dormant talents and start a new life for the next 30 years!” he declaired.

Eugster is an inspiration to anyone at any age!

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