Secret Service Agents Suspected Of Being Drunk After Car Crashes White House Barricades

Why weren't they arrested on the spot?

Mark Connolly was always at President Obama’s side, ready to throw himself into the line of fire. But now, the Secret Service agent has resigned in disgrace.    

Connolly and another agent were allegedly drunk when they crashed a car into a barrier outside The White House after they left a retirement party for a former Secret Service agent.  

Connolly was Second-in-Command of the unit assigned to protect the president. The other agent in trouble was identified as George Ogilvie.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Emmett is the author of Within Arm's Length about life inside the presidential detail.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "It is really a blight on the Secret Service."

Other agents reportedly wanted to arrest Connolly and Ogilvie, but were ordered by higher-ups to let them go home.

It's the latest in a string of scandals involving the Secret Service. Last year, an intruder sprinted across The White House lawn and made it all the way into the presidential residence before being apprehended.

Now, the latest breach has given the once stellar agency another black eye.

The Secret Service is investigating the incident.