Exclusive: Watch New Video Of The 7-Week-Old Talking Baby

Can you believe he said that?

He's the talking baby everyone's talking about!

At just seven weeks he already appears to be saying "hello."

Now, it's time for INSIDE EDITION to introduce you to "Hello Baby!" His name is Cillian McCann.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian spoke to his mom, Toni, from Ireland and asked, "How did this happen?"

Toni answered, "I said hello to him and then I could see he was trying to copy me. I actually don't think I would have believed it myself if I hadn't recorded it."

So, is this little guy a baby Einstein? Just what is going on here?

We asked pediatric speech pathologist Dr. Amy Grillo.

Dr. Grillo told INSIDE EDITION, "It would be impossible for a seven-week-old to actually have a true first word."

Steven asked, "Has he done anything since?"

Toni said, "He did repeat it with my youngest daughter. It's not really clear, it's just a very quick hello."

And mom was taping that time, too!

We wanted to see if he would say hello to us. His lips were moving in the video, but apparently we're not worthy.