Watch This Man Propose To His Girlfriend Every Day For A Year

This is amazing!

Any guy can ask a girl to marry him, but it takes a special guy to ask her 365 days in a row!

Dean Smith knew he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, but he didn't want her to know about it just yet. So, every day for an entire year he secretly filmed himself with a sign asking her to marry him!

There was a daily countdown on the upper left corner of the video. Amazingly, Dean was able to pull off his caper without Jennifer Kessel finding out!

Kessel told INSIDE EDITION, "I saw a few times he took the white board and carried it with him into the bathroom, and I thought it was the strangest thing so I said, 'What's it for? Why do you have a white board?' and he said, 'I just like to write down my thoughts sometimes.'"

Day after day, Dean kept it going - despite a few bumps in the relationship!

Smith told INSIDE EDITION, "There were several fights over the year! Even through the good times and the bad times I'm going to be staying devoted, I'm going to stay dedicated to her.

He made it to the end. The next day, her birthday, he showed Kessel the video - all 365 special moments.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "I pretty much cried for the whole 13-minute duration of the video!"

It was time for Dean to make it official. He got down on one knee while on vacation in Aruba.

The romantic video has gone viral on YouTube and Kessel loves it.

She said, "It was definitely the most thoughtful thing he could possibly do for me."

And he did it 365 times!