Kevin Bacon and Eggs -- Wait, What?

It was bound to happen eventually.

What would you like for breakfast this morning? French toast and hash browns? Waffles and fruit? Oatmeal? How about Kevin Bacon and eggs?!

That’s right, the actor is now the spokesperson for The American Egg Board, which is a fitting combination.

In a video posted on YouTube, the Footloose star joked with a mom in her kitchen, “Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon!”

This is the first time the American Egg Board brought in a celebrity to endorse their product in a major marketing push.

The team behind the commercial explained how they nabbed Kevin Bacon to join the egg-cellent campaign, saying, “The idea came from their existing tagline which was ‘Wake up to Eggs’ and we just thought ‘add Bacon’ to that and you can have Kevin Bacon do it.”