Parents of American Sniper Shooter Speak Out: 'Something Snapped'

They want to know where things went wrong.

The parents of the former Marine convicted of murdering American Sniper Chris Kyle are speaking out for the first time to Dr. Phil.

Eddie Ray Routh claimed he was insane when he shot Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield in the back, but the jury which heard the case while the hit movie, starring Bradly Cooper, was playing around the nation, didn't buy his Post-Traumatic Stress defense.

In court, a jury spokesman said, “We the jury find the defendant guilty.”

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Eddie Ray Routh was sentenced to life without parole.  A mug shot was just released after he arrived at a Texas prison.

Now, Raymond Routh Sr., and his wife, Jodi, tell Dr. Phil their son is being wrongly depicted as a monster.

Raymond Sr. said, “They think our God dang kid is a villain, I mean just the evilest son of a bitch on the face of this Earth. Something snapped in him. Something snapped in my son.”

Dr. Phil said, “You're saying he's being portrayed as the most evil son of a bitch on the planet and what he did is an evil act. You agree with that right?”

“Oh yes,” he replied.

Dr. Phil said, “His behavior to go out there and shoot these two young men multiple times in the back and the head and murder them in cold blood.”

“It's wrong,” Raymond Sr. replied.

Dr. Phil then said, “Egregious and wrong.”
Jodi Routh then jumped in and said, “It's unacceptable.”

Dr. Phil then asked her, “Jodi, what would you say to Chris Kyle if you could talk to him right now? What would you say to Chad Littlefield? What would you say to those men?”

“I would just tell them that I was grateful that they were willing to give Eddie a hand to try to help Eddie. I wish they were here, that this had never ever happened. I do believe in their hearts that they really wanted to help Eddie. I've grieved for their moms and I’ve prayed and prayed for them,” she replied.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret spoke with Dr. Phil. Moret asked, “Do you feel empathy, sorrow for his parents, his sister? You talked to all three.”  

Dr. Phil replied, “Jim, these are good people. There were not negligent parents. There were not parents who raised some rogue child that they neglected. They raised this kid right and then things went very wrong. They want to know where they went very wrong.”  

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