Which State Is Paying For This Rapist To Live In a Luxury Home?

The house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a pool, and the state is paying for it all.

There are feelings of anger and frustration as hundreds of people demand to know why a violent convicted sexual predator is going to be released into their upscale neighborhood.

The beautiful, tree-lined street where dozens of children live is a California paradise with peacocks strolling about.

Yet, it is where state authorities have decided to house a "high-risk" convicted rapist named Fraisure Smith.

What's also infuriating neighbors is the lovely house in the city of Fairfield, close to California Wine Country, that has been chosen for the sex offender.

It has four bedrooms, and even comes with a pool!

The felon will live there rent-free. Yes, rent-free, with the $3,200- a-month rent being footed by California taxpayers.

One concerned dad of two, Pat Harrington, told INSIDE EDITION, "It honestly seems like you are rewarding someone who is a sexually violent predator at high risk of re-offending. It's my job to help ensure the safety of my wife and my kids, and I think this puts them at risk."

Fraisure Smith was convicted of rape and is currently locked up at Coalinga State Hospital.

This controversial facility has tree-lined jogging paths and a spacious mall.

It's where sex offenders who have already done their time are sent because they are deemed to likely attack again. Most are never allowed to leave. But, Fraisure Smith is set to be released within weeks and that has residents on edge.

The Solano County Sheriff's Department says it's assigned a special deputy to keep an eye on the predator but that doesn't ease neighbor's fears.

Another resident stated, "I don't feel at all safe or secure."