Howie Mandel Hit With Most Epic Toilet Paper Prank Ever

Is this the most epic toilet paper prank ever?

It could be the most epic toilet paper prank on the internet!

Prankster Roman Atwood waited until Howie Mandel was out of town to bring in an entire truckload of toilet paper and cover the celeb's mansion. He even got Howie Mandel's family to play along.

Mandel's son alerted the prankster, "My dad just landed and I sent my mom to stall him at the airport."

Howie's stunned reaction when he arrived home was priceless, exclaiming, "Oh my God! How do you get into a gated community? Are you (blank)ing kidding me? What is this? There's mom. Stop there, stop there! You have some toilet paper on your shoe. Why are you laughing?"

They even wrote out a special message for using toilet paper rolls, and by the end, Howie played along with the prank.

"It's so weird. I was going to run out to get toilet paper. Give me a key to the door, I have to go to the bathroom. I really have to go, it's not a joke. I'll take some with me, it's crazy!"