Drew Carey Sheds 80 Pounds Before CBS Fall Preview

CBS announced their new fall line-up, which includes a much slimmer Drew Carey, Julie Chen in her own talk show and William Shatner in a new sitcom.  INSIDE EDITION has the details.

That's Drew Carey!  We almost didn't recognize the host of The Price is Right after a dramatic weight loss of 80 pounds!  He told INSIDE EDITION how he did it.

"I've been doing a lot of exercising.  A lot of cardio, tons of cardio, no carbs like not even a cracker."        

We caught up with a bowtie Drew on the red carpet introducing CBS's fall shows.  He told us why he shed the pounds.

"I have diabetes, I couldn't keep up with a five year old, I was tired all the time so I was sick of being fat man," Carey said.

And the buzz was all about the new morning talk show called simply The Talk and the comparisons to The View on ABC.
Julie Chen said, "I think that is a compliment.  I love watching The View even if I don't agree with everything that someone is saying I'm glued and I hope we can live up to that."
And the other big news was also about William Shatner's huge TV comeback.  He's starring in a new comedy Bleep my Dad Says.

"A young kid comes back to live with his father.  Now what happens, that's really the basis of the show."