This Meghan Trainor Parody Video Could Help A Couple Become Parents

"I think that we'll be really good parents because we're a great couple we make a really good team."

One Minneapolis couple had dreams of adopting a baby. Joe Morales and Joey Famoso began the adoption process in April 2014. Just a few months later, they received the news they wanted to hear.

In November, they were matched with a birth mother in Michigan. The couple flew out and stayed with the soon-to-be mom a week before she went into labor.

Morales told ABC News, “We were in the delivery room and even cut the umbilical cord."

After the birth of their child, the mother decided to keep the baby and not give it up.  The news was a devastating blow to the men who dreamed of being parents, yet they found opportunity out of defeat.

The couple used their singing and dancing skills to craft a parody of Meghan Trainor’s song “Dear Future Husband” and changed it to “Dear Future Baby.” In the video, they make a promise to be the best fathers to their child. The video is racking up views on YouTube since it was posted last month.

Morales told ABC News, "I think that we’ll be really good parents because we’re a great couple we make a really good team. The amount of respect we have for each other will translate for the love we’ll have for our child."

The couple have 13 months left on their contract with the adoption agency. After that, they will have to go through the approval process for a second time.

They hope that the video will get the attention of a birth mom who would consider them as adoptive parents.