Adorable Baby Giggles Every Time Her Mom Eats a Chip

We can't stop laughing watching this video!

Five-month-old Ashlyn has the giggles and oddly enough what’s causing them is her mom munching on some chips!

In the hysterical video taken by her dad, Tim, the cutie just keeping laughing every time she hears the sound of her mom crunching on chips.

“My wife came home from work that afternoon and sat down to have a snack while holding Ashlyn. To our surprise, Ashlyn laughed so hysterically at each crunch! What was even funnier was the fact that Ashlyn became so serious and composed in between the crunches,” Tim told INSIDE EDITION.

The video was recorded when Ashlyn was four-months-old and it was the first time she has ever reacted that way to the delightful sound of a snack.

This video cracked us up and we loved watching it!