Is There Another Victim? Police Probe Possible Robert Durst Connection to Missing Teenager

Are there more victims of Robert Durst?

Is Robert Durst involved in the disappearance of a teenage girl 18 years ago?

Annie Casper is the aunt of Karen Mitchell, who went missing as she left her job at a shoe store in Eureka, California, in 1997. That was the last time she was seen alive.

INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian asked her, “Do you believe he could have something to do with your niece's disappearance?”

“It’s definitely a possibility,” she said.

A police sketch showed the driver of the car Karen was seen getting into, when the sketch is compared to a mugshot of Robert Durst. The likeness is unsettling.

Matt Birkbeck wrote A Deadly Secret about Robert Durst and says the eccentric millionaire was living in Northern California when Karen disappeared.

He said, “It is the spitting image of Robert Durst. Durst had known Mitchell. He had visited her at her aunt's shoe store and that Mitchell had volunteered at a local homeless shelter, a place where Durst would frequent."

Karen was 16 when she disappeared. Today she would be 34.

Becky Young was manager of the shoe store where Karen worked. She remembers Robert Durst as a strange customer who demanded no one else could be in the store when he was shopping. His eccentricities didn't end there.

“A couple of times he came in as a man and then, and I knew it was the same person, he came in as a woman, dressed up like a woman,” she said.

Robert Durst was never charged but the case will be looked at in a whole new light after his shocking statements in the HBO documentary, The Jinx, where he said in an open mic moment, "There it is. You're caught. What a disaster. What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course."

INSIDE EDITION spoke to psychiatrist Gail Saltz about what Robert Durst said speaking to himself in the bathroom when he apparently thought he wasn't being recorded.

"The fact that someone would go to another space with a mic, at some level of conscious they knew they had, and had been warned not to speak in front of and then, potentially confess speaks to the possibility that he wanted to be caught," said Dr. Saltz.

Former NYPD Detective Mike Struk, who investigated the disappearance of Robert’s first wife, Kathie in 1982, says don't be fooled by his odd behavior like burping, facial tics, and talking to himself.

He said, "I think that Robert Durst is a very calculating and cold individual. He is strange. He is bizarre. I think he is dumb as a fox."