Mel Gibson's Final Audio Tape

A defeated-sounding Mel Gibson reportedly leaves a much calmer message to Oksana Grigorieva in the final audio tape released of the enraged star.  INSIDE EDITION has the scoop. 

Believe it or not, a mellow voice belongs to Mel Gibson as he leaves a voicemail message for Oksana Grigorieva, according to

Gibson: "Hi, I'm just calling, calling to, ummm, check on the, uh, your status.  The status of, um, bubby, the baby."

The newly-released message was reportedly recorded on February 20th, the day after an enraged Gibson allegedly left this voicemail for Grigorieva.

Gibson:  "___ I am angry at you!  You are a waste of ___ time!"

After that major blow-up, Grigorieva moved out of Gibson's mansion.  He'd apparently had a day to cool down, as this latest voicemail reveals a seemingly exhausted Gibson, ready to throw in the towel on his three-year relationship with Grigorieva.

Gibson:  "And I want to talk, uh, reasonably, um, about schedules and how, how we...I haven't got a voice we go further, ummm, just reasonably."

Gibson: "There's no passion left anyway, so I don't need to get mad.  I figured that out.  It doesn't matter enough.  I just, you know, want to do the right thing now so everybody is comfortable, all right? Okay, bye."

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret reports from in front of Grigorieva's house.  We're now learning that just hours after she says she was attacked by Gibson, she reportedly wrote an e-mail to her lawyer describing everything that happened, and begging for help." reports that shortly after midnight on January 7th, a desperate Grigorieva wrote to her lawyer, "He hit me in the face with a fist and broke two of my front teeth, as well as he was choking me with his elbow and squishing my face down with the palm of his hand.  He even hit Lucia.  He went completely violent while I was holding our two-month-old baby crying in my arms."

"He yelled so loudly in my face for 15 minutes at least.  I was trying to run away outside, begging him to stop."

Grigorieva's e-mail blames Gibson's behavior in part on his latest attempt to quit smoking.

"When that happens, he turns into an ax-murderer, as he calls it himself."

In the midst of one rant at Grigorieva, Gibson said the cigarette issue was not behind his rage.

Gibson:  "This is not the nicotine.  This is the truth!"

Grigorieva's desperation is clear in her e-mail plea to her lawyer, saying, "I'm asking for your help.  I don't know what to do right now.  The scariest thing is the safety of my children."

"He also threatened to take Lucia away from me, because he can.  Because he has money!"