Passenger Explains What Really Happened on Flight with Man Yelling Jihad

Inside the terrifying flight!

A man on board United Flight 1074 had to be restrained by other passengers after he reportedly ran toward the cockpit yelling, “Jihad! Jihad!”

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Donna Tellman, a first class passenger who explained what it was like during those moments, “It was really frightening until the guy behind me took him down.  He had three men on top of him but he was fighting them the whole time.”

There’s even marks on the man’s face from the scuffle.

“When he was lying down he had his head against the floor and he said he could hear the jihadists in the cargo hold,” Tellman said.

Flight attendants used plastic ties to cuff him and the Denver bound flight returned to Dulles Airport in Washington D.C. The man was hospitalized for evaluation.