Is The Latest Sexy Carl's Jr. Ad Not Selling Burgers?

Sex isn't selling for Carl's Jr. according to a research firm.

Charlotte McKinney wowed the judges with her sexy dance on the premiere of Dancing with the Stars.

But was the steamy hamburger commercial that made her an overnight sensation and is giving her this shot at stardom a total flop?

That's what a research firm called Ameritest is claiming about the ad for the hamburger chain Carl’s Jr.

The ad may have more than ten million YouTube hits, but the just released study claims that a mere 27% of viewers planned to visit the fast food chain after seeing the commercial and more than half found it to be offensive and irritating.

Sean Scott from Ameritest told INSIDE EDITION, "In this case, sex didn't sell. The ideas that Carl's Jr. was trying to communicate - those ideas of 'no hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics,' those are very relevant to consumers, but her being naked throughout the ad was overshadowing those ideas."

Carl's Jr. has a beef with the Ameritest results, claiming it is: "not consistent with our sales results,” noting that sales of their all-natural burgers hit an all-time high the week of the Super Bowl broadcast.

Meanwhile, Charlotte McKinney is thrilled with her Dancing with the Stars performance.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “I felt like a kid again!"

Watch McKinney Talk About Making the Commercial