See What Made Jennifer Garner Cry On Live TV

"It makes me cry to see their faces."

Jennifer Garner appeared on the Today show to promote her new film, Danny Collins, but it was her emotional reaction to her family that has everyone buzzing.

Today show's Savannah Guthrie brought up a recent photo shoot for Southern Living magazine that Garner did with her mom and sisters. The actress immediately teared up and said, "It makes me cry to see their faces, so I won't look." Struggling to hold back tears, she said, "There's just nothing like sharing the spotlight or anything else with your sisters and your mom."

Wiping away tears, Garner referred to an earlier segment in the show that made her emotional and joked, "The Today show is too tough for me."

Chances are, if you didn't already think Jennifer Garner is one of the most genuine people in Hollywood, this will help.