Video Of This Cow Walking With Leg Braces Will Melt Your Heart

Thanks to some help, she's one happy cow.

A cow named Fawn is walking thanks to some high-tech leg braces, and her journey is unforgettable.

When Fawn was born, her mother was confined in a milking stall where she couldn't lie down to give birth. Fawn fell onto a concrete floor during birth and her legs were severely damaged.

A woman named Jennifer took Fawn home to live inside her house. A veterinarian misdiagnosed Fawn and her fractured knee became terribly infected.

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Jennifer contacted Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in New York state for help. The sanctuary brought in experts from Cornell Animal Hospital who fitted Fawn with leg braces. Now, Fawn has been given another chance at walking, but it doesn't come cheap. The braces cost $8,000 and as she grows, she will need new ones to fit.

The sanctuary also has a goat named Star who has received over $10,000 in radiation for cancer treatment, and another goat named Albie that's been fitted in a custom wheelchair.

The medical bills aren't cheap and the sanctuary does it all with donations. If you'd like to learn more, go to