Two-Year-Old Crosses Dark Street, Walks Into Store To Buy Candy Alone at 11pm

The shocked store owner shares all the details

A two-year-old girl crossing the street all alone, in the dead of night! It's a sight to take your breath away.

The tiny toddler walked to a gas station convenience store, opened the door, and went inside!

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Store owner Mohamad Bazzi couldn't believe his eyes as the toddler, fully dressed in boots and a winter coat, set two pennies down on his counter!

Bazzi told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "The little girl, she started walking around. This aisle, this aisle, this aisle - there's nobody there!"

Les Trent asked Bazzi, "She put the pennies on the counter?"

He replied, "Yeah, she put the two pennies here, she wanted candy."

Who is she? Where were her parents? And what was she doing all by herself at 11 p.m.?

Now imagine, the toddler came out of the apartment building and walked across a busy road all the way to the gas station while it was dark out. Right to the front door!

Bazzi immediately locked the doors so the toddler couldn't get out and called 911.

Bazzi told INSIDE EDITION, "I told her 'listen, there's a little baby inside the store alone.'"

Then, he took the child to a safe area in the back of the store. Cops arrived within minutes.

Les Trent asked, "Was she crying at that point?"

Bazzi responded, "Oh yeah, after that she cried and cried."

Police took the child into custody and the search was on for her parents. About an hour later, they were brought to the Highland Park Police Station outside Detroit where Chief Kevin Coney really let them have it!

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He told the parents, "There's a three-year-old girl walking across the street at night! To a gas station! Fully dressed! And you come here, like, 'So what?'"

Actually, the child is only two!

Les Trent asked, "How is it she was about to leave the house without anyone noticing she was gone?"

Chief Coney replied, "The parents might have been upstairs at the time, and she just walked outside."

Now, everyone's marveling over the little girl who had an angel on her shoulder.

Les Trent exclaimed, "That child is both lucky and very smart."

Chief Coney agreed, saying, "Yes, she is!"