Here's What It's Really Like To Raise Quadruplets

Raising four babies at once is more than you can imagine.

She's America's most shocked mom!

This photo was taken of Ashley Gardner after she found out she was having quadruplets. Ashley expected to have only one child, and her face showed her surprise when she saw the ultrasound.

The babies are all girls.

Only INSIDE EDITION was there when Ashley and husband Tyson proudly showed off their quad squad to the world.

Ashley told INSIDE EDITION, "It was awesome to finally get them home."

Tyson added, "To finally have them all home under one roof under our care is an incredible feeling - it's something that words can't describe."

The girls weighed two pounds each at birth. Indie, Esme, Scarlett, and Evangeline are now 11 weeks old.

"We can tell them apart. We feel like they look - I mean they look similar, but I feel like they look different," said Ashley.

Ashley and Tyson, who live outside Salt Lake City, had been trying unsuccessfully for eight years to have a baby. She had In Vitro Fertilization and surprise, surprise - quads.

Ashley told INSIDE EDITION, "It's super exciting and super scary all at the same time. You wonder is it possible to carry quadruplets, are they all going to be healthy? Is everything going to be okay?"

Ashley delivered by C-Section in her twenty-ninth week. The preemies now weigh close to six pounds each and they are all still on oxygen.

One baby is a handful, four at once is an armload. Ashley and Tyson each work 12-hour shifts taking care of the babies.

Friends help out delivering dinner. They also lend a hand at feeding time.

Plus, she has an army of 433,788 followers on Facebook who follow their journey.

Struggling to make ends meet, they've created a new line of baby blankets they sell on the website Etsy.

But, despite the challenges, Ashley and Tyson say they now have everything they've ever wanted.

Ashley said, "This experience has changed me forever."

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