Scary Details Emerge From Robert Durst And Brother Douglas' Blood Feud

Both brothers hated each other from childhood.

Millionaire murder suspect Robert Durst was transferred from jail to a remote mental hospital outside New Orleans over fears he is "suicidal."   

A search warrant reveals that before his arrest in New Orleans, Robert Durst was planning to disguise himself with a latex mask made to cover his entire face and neck, completely changing his appearance.

Three hundred and fifty miles away in Houston, police raided his luxury condo and seized boxes of potential evidence. The millionaire's apartment has four bedrooms and is valued at $800,000.

INSIDE EDITION is also learning more about the blood feud between Robert Durst and his brother, Douglas, over who would run the family's real estate empire. The two brothers have hated each other since childhood.

At the Durst Organization headquarters in Times Square, the sibling rivalry got so bad that Robert reportedly kept a plumber's wrench on his desk as a potential weapon, while Douglas kept a length of pipe to protect himself.

Robert is one year older and as the eldest son he expected to be named chairman when their father passed away. But that did not happen.

In 1994, Robert was passed over in favor of Douglas and left the company in a rage.

In a videotaped deposition shown for the first time on HBO's documentary The Jinx, Douglas says he lived in fear of his loony brother.

In the deposition, Douglas was asked, “The press reports you hired a bodyguard to protect you from Robert Durst. Is that true?”

“That is true, yes,” he replied.   

Douglas was asked, “Did you think your life was threatened by Robert Durst?”

“Robert's actions were bizarre and as I wasn't sure I felt to protect my family was a reasonable action to take,” he said.

Douglas took out a restraining order against his brother in 2012.

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Surveillance cameras caught a disturbing moment as Robert climbed the steps of Douglas’ Manhattan townhouse less than a year later. The Jinx documentary also showed Robert loitering outside his brother’s home.

Robert Durst is charged with murdering his good friend Susan Berman. His attorney says he will plead not guilty.

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey is said to be "laser-focused" on the Durst case and doesn't want the kind of embarrassment that happened when other celebrity defendants like the O.J. Simpson case and when actor Robert Blake were acquitted of murder.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to famed defense attorney Thomas Mesereau. He said, "I think she is going to be very careful about how she handles this case and who she puts on the case and I think she knows what she is doing. On the other hand, Dick DeGuerin is a great defense attorney. He is very accomplished, very experienced, he knows what he is doing and it is going to be quite a battle."