Watch This Heroic Water Taxi Captain Rescue 3 Sailors In Charleston Bay

An S.O.S. call went to the Coast Guard, but this water taxi captain saved the day.

It was a dramatic water rescue during what was an enjoyable afternoon excursion on a water taxi in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. Suddenly, it turned into drama when a man on a sailboat went overboard.

The captain of the water taxi, Matt Malassone, sprang into action and it was all captured on cell phone video.

In a distress call made, someone said, “S.O.S. I've got three men in the water here at the dock at Patriots Point Marina. I need help immediately.”

Captain Malassone told INSIDE EDITION, “We went literally as fast as we and the boat could go to get to them.”

Captain Malassone called to his passengers to pull the stricken man out of the water.

The video was shot by Vicki and Chuck Schroeder, tourists from Michigan who were on the water taxi.

Chuck ran to help and told INSIDE EDITION, “We were able to pull the man that needed medical assistance on to our boat and get him out of there."

The man fell overboard after reportedly suffering a seizure.  

In the distress call, Captain Malassone said, “I have gentleman, late thirties on board unconscious. I need an ambulance to Charleston Harbor and Resort Marina.”

The humble captain told INSIDE EDITION it was all in a day’s work. He said, “That's what I’m trained to do. That’s what I’m supposed to do.”