Watch Daredevil Stand On Motorcycle During Insane Police Chase

He even took a selfie and gave cops the finger.

A biker did death-defying stunts as he fled cops at speeds hitting 100 miles-per-hour.

He repeatedly stood up on the seat, took a selfie, and stood oh-so-casually on the footrests.

A helicopter reporter said, “He was doing stunts on the freeway, right now, really just showing off.”

How's this for brazen? As two motorcycle cops give chase, he shot them a vulgar hand gesture.

The chopper reporter said, "He seemed to be almost taunting those two officers."

Another bizarre moment came after he had shaken off the cops, he stopped to put on a set of earbuds!

The police caught up, but the biker gave them the slip again.

There are reports that onlookers cheered him on as he sped by.

But as usual, the cops get their man. Guns drawn, they inched towards him after he pulled in to a gas station outside Los Angeles and surrendered.

The wild hour-long ride was over for 23-year-old Phillip Resendez and he promptly apologized to his family.

He said, "I just want to say I love my family and my two baby girls. I'm sorry I disappointed them in the middle of all this."

It seemed to be a little late for that.