With $587 In Her Pocket, She Built A $100 Million Empire On Buns

See where you may have eaten one.

Cordia Harrington lives in a magnificent home. From her elegant dining room, to a luxurious master bedroom suite and huge designer kitchen.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander met with Harrington and said, "You really have a rags to riches story."

It's a success story that was built by, of all things, buns!

"You like being called the 'Bun Lady?'" asked Alexander.

"I do, it's a hoot," said Harrington.

Harrington is a self-made entrepreneur who incredibly started out with just $587 in her pocket.

She opened the Tennessee Bun Company in Nashville and the Bun Lady was born.

To see her in action, Alexander had to get suited up with a hairnet, hard hat and earplugs.

Her company is now a 100 million dollar enterprise supplying buns, muffins, and biscuits to 400 businesses including, KFC, Trader Joe's, and yup, even McDonald's.

The plant is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week and produces one billion biscuits and buns a year.

Harrington believes success has three ingredients.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "Passion, persistance, enthusiasm. Those are three things, but they all tie together."

From rags to riches, the Bun Lady isn't done yet.