Kevin The Cat Ran Away 18 Months Ago, Traveled 4,500 Miles, And Came Home

It's a real-life "Incredible Journey."

One remarkable runaway cat is home at last after a cross-country experience you won't believe!

It began when Cheryl Walls and her family decided to give their indoor cat, Kevin, a chance at being an outdoor cat in Anderson, South Carolina - not a good idea.

Kevin ran off, and they searched for him to no avail for a year and a half!

Walls told INSIDE EDITION, "Then we got the message he had been found in California!"

Now, brace yourself for the amazing trail this orange Tabby blazed since running away 18 months ago!

Somehow, he made his way 500 miles south to Florida, where he presumably lived most of the time he was missing.

Until a few weeks ago, when he hopped aboard a U-Haul trailer that took him more than 2,000 miles to the California/Arizona border!

At a routine inspection, someone heard meowing inside the truck. The stowaway cat was identified by his microchip. He was dehydrated, but very much alive!

Then came the final leg of Kevin's journey - a flight of more than 2,000 miles from Palm Springs, California, to South Carolina where his long-lost loved ones were waiting for him!

Walls asked Kevin, "You're just happy to be home, huh?"