INSIDE EDITION Talks to Chelsea Clinton's Future Father-in-Law

Ed Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton's future father-in-law, talks to INSIDE EDITION about his son Marc's relationship with the former First Daughter and says he's not allowed to talk about the wedding.

Chelsea Clinton's future father-in-law spoke exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about watching his son marry the former First Daughter.

"We all hope that we can get through this without getting too teary-eyed," he confided.

Ed Mezvinsky is a former Democratic congressman from Iowa. But he fell from grace when he admitted to a $10 million fraud scheme that landed him in prison for five years. Released on parole since 2008, Mezvinsky now lives in Wellsville, New York.

"It was a terrible time, and I was punished for that and I respect that and I accept responsibility for what happened, and now I'm trying to move on," said Mezvinsky.

There was media buzz that his past excluded him from the guest list. But when INSIDE EDITION caught up with Mezvinsky he had just gotten his pre-wedding hair cut and was preparing to leave for the site of the festivities, the lavish estate Astor Courts in Rhinebeck, New York.

He told INSIDE EDITION that his son Marc and Chelsea, who first met in high school, have built a relationship based on all their shared experiences, including a Stanford education, stints on Wall Street, and family scandals.

"It's great to see two people that really understand each other, that have a good feeling about each other," he says.

But don't ask the father of the groom for any wedding details. Chelsea and Marc have laid down the law.

"The guidelines are, we don't talk about the wedding, we just enjoy each other," he said.

Chelsea reportedly also had special instructions for her mother: grow your hair out! Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is wearing her hair much longer than usual, long enough for an updo.

Meanwhile Chelsea is enjoying her fair share of frozen yogurt. She has often been spotted getting frozen yogurt and earlier this week she visited frozen yogurt shops three times in three hours! But Chelsea also makes daily trips to the gym and frozen yogurt is known to replenish the body after a workout.  

Now, with just two days to go before the wedding, the happy couple's family and friends are rallying around them.

"They are strong, wonderful, loving, caring, and sensitive human beings," says Mezvinsky.