Walmart Shoplifting Suspect Kicks Through Ceiling And Escapes

"It's the craziest thing I've ever seen."

A suspected shoplifter ran out of a Walmart store entrance in Mobile, Alabama, where a loss prevention officer caught up with him. The suspect struggled as the office took him back into the store and held him in a security office.

What happened next stunned security personnel and shoppers, particularly Brannan Lynn who caught the incident on his cell phone.

Lynn told INSIDE EDITION, "He had climbed on a desk, jumped into the ceiling, then tried to escape. It's like, they couldn't believe what was going on. It was unbelieveable!"

The suspect reportedly started banging on the security office door and it took three security personnel to hold the door shut. Then, the banging stopped.

Thinking it was all over, Lynn sat down in the McDonald's inside the store with his father. Suddenly, the men heard loud noises coming from the ceiling above them. The suspect had apparently climbed up into the ceiling and made his way through the ventilation system. He kicked through part of the McDonald's ceiling, saw Lynn and his father, and disappearing back into the ceiling.

The suspect found his way out near the store entrance. Lynn explained, "He sticks his feet through the ceiling by the entrance door, hangs himself on top of the door frame, jumps down and somehow gets away with 30 people standing around's the craziest thing I've ever seen."

Lynn says the suspect ran into the parking lot, got into a red car and took off.

Police reportedly say he allegedly stole a debit card, shoes, hat, watch and underwear.