Is Robert Durst Dying In Prison? Attorney Warns of His 'Frail' Condition

Robert Durst's lawyer lists his many strange medical conditions.

Is millionaire murder suspect Robert Durst dying?

His lawyer, Dick DeGuerin says the frail-looking 71-year-old Durst has cancer.

DeGuerin said, "Esophageal cancer, and that effects the entire gastrointestinal tract."

That could also explain those bizarre attacks of belching when he was interviewed on HBO's The Jinx.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, President of Gaynor Integrative Oncology told INSIDE EDITION, "Only 20% of people with advanced esophageal cancer, when they're diagnosed, lived more than five years."

That's not all. That odd gait of Durst's is due to a nerve disorder causing numbness in his right calf.

DeGeurin added, "He's very frail. He's had brain surgery, he's had neck surgery, he's had cancer surgery - he needs to be in the hospital."

He also has a mild form of Asperger Syndrome which may account for some of his eccentric behavior.

Durst is now a patient in a prison hospital outside New Orleans and his head has been shaved. According to his lawyer, the shaved head reveals a large scar due to brain surgery.

48 Hours is featuring the Durst case this Saturday. Correspondent Erin Moriarty told INSIDE EDITION, "He has hydrocephalus which is water that gathers on the brain. We have a lot of material we never aired which looks at and examines the actual evidence and the case that exists as it is right now - the strengths and the weaknesses."

DeGuerin says Durst is innocent.