Donald Trump May Run For President Because 'The Country Is Going to Hell'

This time it would be for real, Trump says.

Billionaire Donald Trump is hitting the presidential campaign trail. He says he may run for president -  but this time for real!

Trump says, "People are always saying 'Is he going to run? Is he going to run? You know, I have a great television show, I do have a great life, and a business that I love, but the country is going to hell!"

INSIDE EDITION spent the day with Trump in the critical state of New Hampshire, which holds the nation's first primary.

Folks line up to shake hands and pose for pictures. And he's already taking a jab at his competitors, including Jeb Bush.

He said, "The last thing we need is another Bush!"

Trump is notorious for making noise about running for president, only to back out. Some accuse him of doing it just to publicize The Apprentice.

Joe McQuaid is the publisher of the influential New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "I think he's going to run this time. He's Trump. It's a brand. So, people want to meet a guy like that but whether they want to vote for that guy is a different story entirely."