Watch Georgia State Basketball Coach Fall Down When Son Scores Winning Shot in Epic Father-Son Moment

Ron Hunter couldn't be prouder.

It's the father-son moment the whole nation is talking about.

Georgia State Coach Ron Hunter literally fell on the floor when his son, R.J., hit a miraculous game winning shot to upset heavily favored Baylor on the first night of March Madness.  

"Floored" read the cover of Friday’s New York Post.

The coach was sitting on a rolling stool because he tore his Achilles tendon just last weekend. It happened while he was celebrating Georgia State’s huge victory that got them into the NCAA tournament.

Ron Hunter had to wear a cast but wasn't about to let that stop him from coaching and Thursday’s first round upset took the cake.

R.J. is the star of the team and his dad couldn't be prouder.

He said in the post game interview, "I love this guy, man! Beautiful! That is a great win for our program!  But I am proud of this guy here! I love this guy here!"

R.J. even did a hilarious re-enactment of his dad's reaction to the game-winning shot in a post-game interview.

The Georgia State golf team reacted with excitement in a social media video:

UNREAL. Let's go STATE! #NCAATournament @GSUPanthers

March 19, 2015

Sad to say, a lot of Americans are not celebrating the Georgia State victory because it busted their brackets.  

Just a miniscule .0024% of ESPN’s March Madness brackets are still in tack because there were so many upsets.

President Obama’s bracket was done for after just one night leading to a post-game shout-out from Coach Hunter: "Hey Obama, let me tell you something, I hope you make better decisions than you did in that first night about Georgia State!"

We say the joyous father-son moment is worth it, even if it busted our bracket.