A Georgia Teen Is in the ICU After He Was Shot in the Head While Taking Out the Trash

MiQuavious Blanchard, Black teen boy smiling wearing tan hoodie

MiQuavious Blanchard and his friend were taking out the trash near the dumpster behind Complex Condominiums when someone shot him, his mother, Apollonia Blanchard, tells Inside Edition.

A Georgia teen is in the ICU on a ventilator after being shot in the back of the head while taking out the trash.

Seventeen-year-old MiQuavious Blanchard and his friend were taking out the trash near the dumpster behind Complex Condominiums when someone shot him, his mother, Apollonia Blanchard, tells Inside Edition.

As MiQuavious began to drive away from the dumpster, someone started shooting, the friend told Apollonia. A bullet hit MiQuavious in the back of his head and his friend passed out, Apollonia said. 

Once the friend woke up, Apollonia told Inside Edition Digital that he got scared and ran away, then called Apollonia to tell her what happened.

Apollonia arrived at the scene and saw her son in his van, which had crashed through a fence and hit a tree, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. MiQuavious was conscious but she became hysterical at the sight, she told the outlet.

“It's no words for that, that feeling when you get that phone call, saying, ‘I'm sorry. Your son been shot,’” Apollonia tells Inside Edition Digital. “As a parent to see your child in a vehicle by themselves, lonely, with nobody to help them, nobody's calling aid and nobody's concerned, but you see people on their porches minding their own business.

“It's no words to describe the type of evil that I saw that night when I went there to check on my son and to see my son in that type of condition,” Apollonia says.

South Fulton officers arrived at the scene of the crime at around 12:30 a.m., according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

MiQuavious was sent to Grady Memorial Hospital and is currently still on life support. While he is showing progress, doctors don’t have a recovery timeline for him yet, Apollonia tells Inside Edition Digital.

“I just think that the violence that's going on in our communities, it has to be maybe talked about. I don't know. Something has to change,” says Apollonia. “We got to come together as a community, as one. We got to quit thinking that we are all individuals when we are a group.”

South Fulton Police told FOX5 Atlanta they are exploring several leads and were able to serve several search warrants in the case.

“On behalf of his mother Apollonia Blanchard, their closest friends and the entire Blanchard family, we appreciate the outpouring of love, prayers and support shown over the past few days and undoubtedly in the weeks to come,” stated a GoFundMe that has been set up to help the Blanchard family pay for medical bills and MiQuavious’ recovery. 

South Fulton Police have not responded to Inside Edition Digital’s request for comment.

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