A Louisiana Family Was $50 Billion Richer for Four Days Thanks to Bank Error

Outside view of a Chase BankOutside view of a Chase Bank
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A banking error led to the James family having an extra 50 billion in their Chase Bank account for four days.

A Louisiana family found themselves billionaires for four days due to a banking glitch.

During a routine finance check, Darren James and his wife noticed there was an additional 50 billion in their account.

"That's not like a one zero error or a two zero error, that's somebody that fell asleep on the keyboard error," James said to CNN. 

The real estate agent shared that Chase Bank restored their account to the correct amount the following Tuesday.

James says that his real concern is not the loss of the random funds, but whether or not his account has been compromised. 

"We're still trying to figure out what happened, why it happened, how it happened, but we know we aren't the only ones this happened to...We haven't heard anything from anyone."

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