A Model Train That Plays Classical Music Has Set a Guinness World Record

The train, located in Hamburg, Germany, already had one record to its name. Now it's once again putting other model trains to shame.

A model train in Germany gives new meaning to the phrase “the little engine that could.” This train already holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest train model. Now it has another achievement to add to the books.

The model train now holds another Guinness World Record for “The longest melody played by a model train.” But this train doesn’t just play anything; it plays some of classical music's greatest hits, including songs by Beethoven and even Verdi and Strauss.

To do so, about 3,000 wine glasses are filled with liquid and are posted around the perimeter of the train track. When the train passes by and strikes them, they play the notes.

The train is located at the Miniature Wonderland Museum in Hamburg, Germany. And every day, as it choo-choos along, it's proving that it's not only beautiful but is talented as well.