A Naked Man Rescued After Falling Into 330-Foot Ravine Doesn't Remember How He Got There

an aerial view of a mountain

The naked hiker had been reported missing for hours before being found.

A local nudist had to be rescued from a 330-foot ravine at the Mestre Alvaro nature reserve in Espirito Santo, Brazil, reported the New York Post.

The naked hiker had been reported missing hours prior to when they were found him, according to the New York Post. A hiker that was in the area heard the trapped hiker's screams and was able to inform authorities, reports the news outlet.

Due to the location of the man, the local fire department was unable to access him and had to call the Brazilian Air Force to use a military helicopter to get him out, Mirror reported.

"We found him at a point that was very difficult to access, with the risk of him falling at any moment. We had to use a helicopter rescue basket. He was between 80 and 100 metres down,” said Major Pablo Angely Marques of the Brazilian Air Force, according to Mirror. 

Once rescued from the ravine, the nude man had no recollection of how or why he ended up in the ravine and is currently recovering from his fall at a hospital in Espirito Santo, reports the Mirror.

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