A New Fragrance Offers the Scent of Some of Your Favorite Old Books

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For book enthusiasts - near and far - ever wish you could just travel to a place of wonder, discovery and magic heretofore only known in literature? 

Now you can. Powell’s Books has unveiled Powell’s by Powell’s Eau de bookstore, a unisex fragrance — that has notes of wood, violet and biblichor — that promises to deliver a scent that contains the lives of countless heroes and heroines. 

The premise behind the fragrance is to awaken the senses for those who miss the scent of used book stores during this time of quarantine.

“Like the crimson rhododendrons in Rebecca, the heady fragrance of old paper creates an atmosphere ripe with mood and possibility. Invoking a labyrinth of books; secret libraries; ancient scrolls; and cognac swilled by philosopher-kings,” states the creators behind Powell’s by Powell’s. 

To get the full product benefit, the wearer is advised to apply the Eau de bookstore to the pulse points when seeking “sensory succor” or  “a brush with immortality.” Or simply, just spray some on and the scent will instantly take you to your happy place, plus you’ll smell really good. 

Portland-based Powell’s City of Books, that claims to be “the largest used and new bookstore in the world,” whose store occupies an entire city block and houses approximately one million books, according to the company’s website, sells the fragrance online and since it a “limited edition” their telling shoppers that the items will only be available while supplies last. 

The fragrance is apparently catching a buzz. 

One commenter left a message sharing a tip with others. “You can spray the fragrance in an essential oil diffuser. A few spritzers in the water in the diffuser and your space will smell just like the classics.”

Another posted that personally she wouldn’t want to smell like a bookshop but asked Powell's: "Do you think you would ever offer a candle version?”


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