A Pennsylvania Dog Named Dexter Gets a Very Extravagant Funeral

Photo of Dexter from Tim Beville Jr.'s Facebook Page

Dexter Beville was 7 years old, and lived with owner, a pastor, and two other dogs, Mason and Daisy, who are heartbroken.

After Tim Beville Jr’s 7-year-old pug Dexter died, he gave the dog a send-off fit for a king. The pastor from Allentown, Pennsylvania, shared photos from the elaborate service on Facebook along with a final goodbye for his dog.

In the post that has since gone viral, he wrote, “Thank you to everyone that came out tonight to say goodbye to Dexter! The love is so appreciated! Run Free Dexter!”

Included were photos of the funeral, which included a flower-filled room, a blanket with an embroidered photo of Dexter, programs for the service, a Dexter painting, a book for guests to sign, and an open casket. Inside was Dexter draped in a blue blanket, wearing a blue bowtie, with his head resting on a blue toy.

So far, the post has over 48,000 likes and almost 80,000 shares.

According to Tim’s Facebook posts, Dexter passed away on April 27. “I’m so heartbroken I do not have words. Dexter Beville 2014-2021,” he wrote online along with a broken heart emoji.

He later shared that his other dogs were greatly affected by the death. “Mason and Daisy finally ate this afternoon. The first time since Dexter has been gone. Mason and Dexter were a bonded pair and he just keeps howling and walking around the house like he’s lost. My poor little guy he is so confused...”

Tim shared an obituary about Dexter, aka Bruiser, online. It said, “He loved to sing along to YouTube videos, no matter what it was, he would always sniff it before he would eat it, he loved to play with blue toys more than any other color.  He would spend his days with me in the office, sitting on my desk chair, often times looking over my should [sic] at whatever was happening on the computer screen.  He loved cheese, but would go crazy over apple slices.”

The note lastly added, “Dexter was faithful, loyal, loving, kind and fought right up until the end.  DEXTER TRULY MANS BEST FRIEND....”

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