A Teenager and 2 Horses Dead After Car Crashes Into Teens Riding Stolen Horses

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The owner of the horses told Fox 4 after the incident that he thinks he’s done with horses.

A vehicle crash in Dallas left one teen dead and two injured after they allegedly stole three horses. 

Dallas Police said in a press release they responded to a collision early Tuesday morning that involved three teens on horses and another vehicle. 

The driver was initially thought to have fled the scene due to initial information but police found that the driver stayed on the scene, according to the press release. Charges are not expected to be brought against the driver for the incident, police said. 

According to police, the youngest teen, 14, died at the scene, and the other two teens, 16 and 17, were transported to the hospital and, as of Tuesday afternoon, remain in stable condition.

One of the horses died at the scene and another was euthanized by a veterinarian. The third horse sustained injuries but is expected to recover, said police. 

The owner of the horses, Lorenza Gooch, told FOX 4 that after the incident, he thinks he is done with the animals. 

"It's enough obstacles in trying to race horses and enjoy the sport and two have your horses stolen and lose them this way and have to be concerned about someone stealing your horses and abusing them after they steal them," he said. 

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