A Young California Boy Recovers From 2 Rattlesnake Bites After Only 2 Days

A rattlesnake with its tongue out

The boy's dad refers to him as “miracle kid” for his speedy recovery.

A young California boy has recovered following an encounter with a rattlesnake that left him with two venomous bites. 

A 4-year-old boy was the victim of a rattlesnake attack while he was near his driveway in Cottonwood, California, on Oct. 6, reported Action News Now. 

According to Action News Now,  the boy's parents said he was outside playing when the incident occurred. 

The six-inch snake came out from under a nearby rock and bit him the first time, and then a second time when he accidentally stepped on the snake, reports Action News Now. 

The young boy was then rushed via helicopter to a hospital in Sacramento to be treated with anti-venom, according to Action News Now.

The boy made a quick recovery and was visited by one of the hospital therapy dogs before being released on Oct. 8, reported Action News Now. He returned to his preschool by Oct. 11, according to the news source. 

His family wants to protect his privacy and decided not to release his name, but his dad refers to him as a “miracle kid” due to his speedy recovery, reports Action News Now. The family expressed their gratitude to the hospital in Sacramento that helped treat their son, according to the news source. 

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