A$AP Rocky Invites Anyone 'From the Hood' to Attend Sweden Concert for Free

A$AP Rocky also wanted to perform at the prison at which he was incarcerated over the summer, but his request was denied.

A$AP Rocky is back in Sweden and he’s made his presence known with an electric performance for Stockholm fans. The Harlem-based rapper, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, headlined at a show at the Ericsson Globe venue in Stockholm Wednesday.

Not only has be gone back on his vow to never return to the country, he’s also giving back and shining a spotlight on marginalized communities in the Scandinavian country. He pledged a portion of the concert proceeds to the Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups non-profit. Ahead of the concert, Mayers also visited a school in the “slums” and invited “whoever from the hood” to attend the show for free.

He had also originally wanted to perform for inmates at Kronoberg prison, where he was incarcerated over the summer, to raise awareness for issues plaguing immigrants and the impoverished. He was reportedly denied at the last minute, with prison officials citing logistical and security issues, according to local press.

Mayers was incarcerated after an assault charge in June. He and his entourage was caught on video getting into an argument with a man on the street before kicking and punching him. Despite maintaining that they had been acting in self-defense, Mayers and two members of his entourage were found guilty of assault, but were not ordered to serve any additional jail time unless they were to commit a similar offense in the future.

At the time of his August release, he spent just over a month at Kronoberg prison, the largest in the country.