Abby Lee Miller Says She Was Left on Airport Floor for 40 Minutes After Falling Out of Wheelchair

Abby Lee Miller, who relies on her wheelchair to get around, told Inside Edition the whole incident was "really scary."

Abby Lee Miller is furious with American Airlines after she says she was left on the airport floor for 40 minutes when she fell out of her wheelchair earlier this week.

Miller told Inside Edition that an American employee had trouble getting her into her wheelchair and Miller ended up on the floor of Pittsburgh International Airport.

"It was scary," Miller said. "It's really scary."

The "Dance Moms" star posted a photo to Instagram showing her beside her wheelchair.

“Help! ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ isn’t that the truth? Let’s just say my transfer from the Isle [sic] Chair to my own chair didn’t go so well!” Miller wrote. 

She added: “I shouldn’t have had to ask for someone to call the paramedics and maybe the @americanair Gate Mgr should’ve at the very least asked if I was ok?”

Asked how long she was left there, Miller told Inside Edition "40 minutes" passed while dozens of travelers streamed past her. 

Miller has been using a wheelchair ever since a medical scare left her partially paralyzed last year. 

"I was humiliated. I was sad, I was crying, I was in tears," she recalled of sitting on the airport floor.

Miller added that she understands it was an accident, but said she feels the way it was handled afterward "was wrong."

"I've spoken to American Airlines," she said. "They have apologized profusely and they're gonna get some training for their wheelchair escorts."

In a statement, American Airlines said: "We are concerned by the issues raised by Ms. Miller ... and are working with our contracted special assistance vendor to review the incident."

Miller's health problems began when she left prison after serving eight months for bankruptcy fraud and was released into a halfway house. Shortly after, she fell ill and became paralyzed within days. Doctors rushed her into surgery and were able to remove a tumor wrapped around her spine, but it was a close call.

Still, she hopes to one day be able to walk again