Accusers Rejoice Over Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty Verdicts in Sexual Abuse Trial Involving Jeffrey Epstein

British tabloids' coverage of Ghislaine Maxwell guilty verdicts.
British newspaper headlines after Ghislaine Maxwell conviction in federal trial.Getty

Ghislaine Maxwell victims, who said she procured them for sexual abuse at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein, speak out about Maxwell's conviction.

The accusers of Ghislaine Maxwell are rejoicing after the British former socialite was convicted in U.S. federal court for helping procure young woman to be sexually abused by late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

“I am so relieved and grateful that the jury recognized the pattern of predatory behavior that Maxwell engaged in for years and found her guilty,” said Annie Farmer, one of the victims who testified at the New York trial. “She has caused hurt to many more women than the few of us who had the chance to testify in the courtroom. I hope that this verdict brings solace to all who need it and demonstrates that no one is above the law.”

Maxwell was found guilty Wednesday on five of six charges for her involvement the sexual abuse of young girls involving herself and Epstein. Prosecutors said she “preyed on vulnerable young girls, manipulated them and served them up to be sexually abused.”

After the verdicts were announced, some wondered if Epstein's longtime partner and business advisor might start naming names to gain a lighter sentence. She could face decades in prison.

"She's going to practice her singing voice," said trial commentator Nancy Grace.

Maxwell did not take the stand during her trial, unlike other high-profile defendants in recent trials such as Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted in November of homicide in connection with deadly shootings during unrest in Wisconsin. He had pleaded self-defense in the shootings.

Managing editor Adam Klasfeld of "Law & Crime" said it was doubtful such testimony would have made a difference in the trial's outcome.

"It is far from clear that would have altered the jury's verdict at all," he said. "She would have opened herself up to questioning by prosecutors."

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