Acrobatic Woman Flees From Cops by Leaping From Roof to Roof

She eventually surrendered.

A California woman wanted by cops turned into a daredevil on the streets of Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon.

Amelia Manzano, 21, climbed up onto a house, looking for an escape route. She leapt from roof to roof, then jumped down and landed right on someone's car.  

The bizarre chase started with the woman, who was a robbery suspect, driving dangerously on the streets of Los Angeles.

She weaved through traffic and came close to hitting other drivers multiple times. She even drove into oncoming lanes of traffic and went 90 miles an hour on residential streets. 

Unable to shake the cops, she pulled over and made a run for it, along with her male passenger, Edgar Acosta, 23. 

Manzano eventually met up with Acosta at the top of a shed. After one last romantic hug, they finally gave up.

Cops moved in with guns drawn after a 40-minute pursuit. They are now in custody.