Actress Portraying Kidnap Victim Elizabeth Smart Says She 'Wants to Do Her Justice'

The film premieres later this month on Lifetime.

Inside Edition has gotten a first look at the forthcoming film about Elizabeth Smart's abduction ordeal. 

Actress Alana Boden, who portrays the kidnap victim, bears a striking resemblance to her in the film, I Am Elizabeth Smart. 

Inside Edition was on the set of the Lifetime movie, which tells the harrowing survival story of then 14-year-old Smart, who was physically and sexually assaulted at the hands of her abductors.
The Utah teen was held captive for nine months in the woods by a homeless couple.

Smart herself narrates her ordeal throughout the film, and even played a role in coaching Boden on the set.

“It is hard to play a real character," Boden told Inside Edition. "I want to do it right and do her justice.” 

The film shows a moment in a public library, where Smart was spotted by a police officer, who failed to identify her. She wants people to understand that fear kept her quiet.

In the film, Smart says she never had “Stockholm Syndrome,” adding: “just because I stopped physically resisting didn’t mean I hated them any way less. I wasn’t sympathetic towards them. I despised them.” 

Today, Smart is a victim’s rights advocate and is married with two children.

She has joined the #metoo movement on social media. 

Her abductors, Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee, were both sentenced to prison time. Barzee is currently serving 15 years while Mitchell is serving two life sentences.

I Am Elizabeth Smart airs Nov. 18 on Lifetime.