Newly Revealed Security Footage Shows Sherri Papini on the Morning She Was Rescued

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There is a new twist in the mysterious case of kidnapped mom Sherri Papini, who resurfaced almost a year ago after she was abducted weeks before.

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It's been almost a year since Papini was found alive but brutally beaten on the side of a highway in California. As that anniversary approaches, a video recently released by police is another intriguing piece of the puzzle.

The grainy clip from a church surveillance camera shows the woman known as “Supermom” at 4:15 a.m. Thanksgiving morning, the day she was rescued.

First she is seen running toward the church. She disappears out of frame but a minute later, she reappeared, and ran back in the direction she came. 

Cops say she was heading toward the on-ramp of a nearby interstate.

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Five minutes later, Papini was spotted by the side of the highway, trying to wave down passing cars.

Inside Edition spoke to Alison Sutton, the driver who saw 35-year-old mom and called 911.

"She seemed frantic and desperate," Sutton recalled. 

Papini told cops she was kidnapped by two Hispanic women and freed after a 22-day ordeal.

Police released sketches of the suspects but the California mom's story has been met with skepticism by some.